Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pay It Forward: Free Pass to CM Summit

Since I won't be able to attend the CM Summit in New York City this June, I have decided to take the free pass that @JohnBattelle gave to me and "Pay It Forward." In true conversational marketing manner, I have decided to give it to the person with the best tweet about why I should give it to them during the Chirp Conference. Participation in this giveaway, the announcement of the giveaway winner, and even the transmission of the prize will all be conducted on Twitter. The rules are simple:

  • Contest runs from 6pm PST (start of the Pre-Chirp Party) on April 13 through 6pm PST on April 15th when the Chirp Hack Day ends.
  • To participate in that time window, simply send a tweet referencing @vanriper and @cmsummit along with why you deserve a free ticket to CM Summit in 140 characters or less.
  • The winner will be announced via my twitter feed at approximately 9pm on April 15th. The winner will need to follow me and I'll follow them back on Twitter so that I can direct message to them the CM Summit free pass registration information.

Finally, multiple tweets from the same account are more likely to hurt than help your chances. In fact, repeating the same or similar tweets repeatedly will be grounds for disqualification. I won't be randomly picking one tweet from the twitter search results anyway. So, additional tweets will not improve your odds of winning.

Cheers, @vanriper

P.S. Congratulations to @ConsultantRC (Raul Colon) for winning the free pass to CM Summit.

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