Wednesday, May 26, 2010

JUG-USA is calling all JUGs in the United States

Okay. It was fun last year when JUG-USA in our inaugural year won a Special Meeting with James Gosling during JavaOne. The meeting is awarded to the Java User Group (JUG) with the most members attending JavaOne each year. With James Gosling departing Oracle earlier this year, it was also a historic meeting because it was the last time James would hold one of these winning JUG meetings at a JavaOne. Sigh!

Now that the Oracle/Sun merger dust is settling, we are learning how Oracle would like to engage the JUGs community. It turns out that umbrella organizations like JUG-USA are exactly what the Oracle user group support programs are optimized to deal with. As a result, it is now time to move forward and hold elections for JUG-USA officers ASAP. Once we have elected officers, they can move forward to establish JUG-USA as a legal entity.

To this end, I'm asking each JUG in the United States that would like to be affiliated with JUG-USA to do one thing right away. I need at least one and preferably two liaisons designated for each JUG-USA affiliated JUG and I need these liaisons to join this JUG-USA Meetup Group. We will be using the mailing list of the meetup group to formalize plans for officer elections. The goal being to have elected officers in place prior to JavaOne which starts on September 19, 2010. That way, our officers can meet with the folks at Oracle that support user groups during JavaOne.

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