Sunday, May 16, 2010

Scratching My Own Itch

As a teaser for my Ignite Google I/O talk, one of my 20 slides will be about how I started the Silicon Valley Web JUG back in 2003 to scratch my own itch. One year earlier, I had left the imploding startup world of Silicon Valley for a safe haven at VeriSign. On the plus side, I managed to navigate the dot com bust largely unscathed. On the negative side, I went from doing exciting web applications in Java to working on enterprise security administration web applications implemented with CGI scripts in C and C++. I eventually led the migration at VeriSign to Java/Struts/Spring/SiteMesh/WebTest for the projects I was working on. Before that though, I started the Silicon Valley Web JUG (initially known as the BayCHI Java Web Developer BOF) to keep my sanity.

To hear more of my confessions regarding my serial community organizing, you will have to come to my talk at Google I/O on Wednesday, May 19th, at 4:15pm. For those of you not attending I/O, it sucks to be you. Seriously, I will post a link to the video of the talk as soon as it is made available after the conference.

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