Sunday, May 26, 2013

Finding the Space to Lead

Yet another benefit of my participation in Mindful In May is the daily emails from +Elise Bialylew with links to resources like this one. I really enjoyed this interview by Elise of Janice Marturano:

Janice is the Founder and Executive Director of the Institute for Mindful LeadershipI will definitely get her book, Finding the Space to Lead, when it is published in January of 2014.

Anyone who has influence over others is a leader. We are all influencers/leaders in some sphere. This is applicable to everyone and all +Google Developer Groups (GDG) Organizers are influencers of their local developer communities. This is why our GDG community participation in Mindful In May is what Janice would call a win-win-win.

It is good for the people being helped in Rwanda. It is good personally for the GDG Organizers that are practicing mindfulness this May. Going forward, it is also good for all the communities these now more mindful GDG Organizers influence.

Our +Google Developers fundraising team is accepting donations all the way until the end of June. Please consider taking a purposeful pause to make a donation to our team and help us reach our team goal of $2000 raised and 100 team participants. We have raised more than $1600 so far with with more than 50 team participants as donors and/or meditators so far. The larger campaign has already raised more than $77K and will be funding at least two major water projects in Rwanda that will provide clean drinking water daily to more than 1000 people.


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Join Me At Silicon Valley Code Camp on Oct 5-6, 2013

I am speaking at silicon valley code camp. Please come to my session!  Click here for details.

If you have not already registered for the largest free code camp in the world,
what are you waiting for?

This will be the 8th annual Silicon Valley Code Camp and the 7th one that I have helped Peter Kellner organize.  Peter and I are leading an open discussion session near the end of the weekend about SV Code Camp 2014. I need to mention that Tammy Baker and Kevin Nilson are also key members of the core organizing team each year that I have been involved.

So, please do join me at SV Code Camp 2013 and don't forget to register in advance. If it is anything like past code camps, it will be another amazing weekend. Last year, we had more than 200 sessions and almost 2500 developers participating. There is still time to submit a session for this year. You will have the option to do that after you have completed the free advance registration.

That's All Folks!