Thursday, January 15, 2015

Serial Community Organizer Strikes Again!

TL;DR: At least officially, I am no longer a Google Developer Groups (GDG) Community Advocate. I am taking on a new challenge building communities of mindfulness practices within Google. In our final Team Vandria video, Adriana Cerundolo and I recorded this personal message for the GDG Organizers.

I’ve always advised others to follow their passions. That is what led to me becoming a GDG Community Advocate at Google for the past 4 years. As I wrote about back then, it was amazing to get paid to do what I love. I still have a passion for technology, but, recently I have been even more passionate about various mindfulness practices: Meditation, Yoga, Qi Gong, ...

Over the past year, I have been volunteering to help the Google Well-Being team on a new program called gPause. The goal of gPause is to build communities of Googlers around these mindfulness practices. An opportunity that I simply could not pass up was offered to me to lead that effort globally within Google. So now, I am embarking on my second dream job at Google. Here is a 2 minute video where my new manager talks publicly for the first time about gPause.

I’d like to close with one of my favorite quotes from Out of the Silent Planet by C.S. Lewis. This is a discussion between Hyoi (a Martian) and Ransom (an Earthling) on Mars:
Hyoi: When you and I met, the meeting was over very shortly, it was nothing. Now it is growing something as we remember it, what will it be when I remember it as I lie down to die, what it makes in me all my days till then - that is the real meeting. The other is only the beginning of it. You say you have poets in your world. Do they not teach you this?

Ransom: But even in a poem do you not long to hear one splendid line over again?

Hyoi: Indeed, the poem is a good example. For the most splendid line becomes fully splendid only by means of all the lines after it. If you went back to it, you would find it less splendid than you thought.

I look forward to what my GDG experiences over the past 4 years make in me all the days of the rest of my life. I can't thank the GDG Community enough for the great memories and for being such a huge part of the most splendid time in my life. When I was with the GDG Community, there was no place I’d rather be.


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